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Gosportarians sleigh
2020 promises to be unique for many reasons, but Gosportarians will still prevail!.
Wed 2nd Gordon Road 3.45pm
Thurs 3rd Brockhurst starting Cambridge Rd 3.45pm
Fri 4th Elson Lane 3.45pm
Sat 5th Alverstoke area 2,45pm
Sun 6th Gomer Lane starting Ladram 2.45pm
Mon 7th Alver Valley starting at Howe 3.45pm
Tues 8th Forton Dukes 3.45pm
Wed 9th Rowner 1 Ensign 3.45pm
Thurs 10th Forest Way 3.45pm
Fri 11th Rowner Lane 3.45pm
Sat 12th Bridgemary starting Beachamp 2.45pm
Sun 13th TESCO Alver
Mon 14th Nobes ave shops 3.45pm
Tues 15th Forton starting by Spring Garden Lane 3.45pm
Wed 16th Lee Chester Crescent starting 3.45pm
Thurs 17th Privett
Fri 18th Lee Cherque Farm 3.45pm
Sat 19th Wych Lane Bridgemary 3.45pm
Sun 20th TBA
Mon 21st TBA
Tues 22nd TBA
Area maps for 2020
People will be bound to ask "Why is my area missed?" "Will you be coming to my road?"
To try to answer everyone at once - The outlines we give are really just starting points. It is impossible to include every road in a given area, so this is the plan: I will upload every evening the next day's route which will show the roads we should be following. They could be less or more depending on timings. Each night the plan is to start at 3.45pm starting on Wednesday December 2nd. The past has proved that being out in the sleigh after 7.30 is unproductive as children are in bed, which means we have 3 3/4 hours to walk a route. Depending on the number of children who want to see Santa.This year there will be no n knocking doors and people answering, so you will hopefully be kept informed of where we are so you can wave to us from your window or garden. We will try to stop if people would like to take a picture which takes time, so there can be no finite rule as to how far around the route we can get. If it rains consistently, we cannot get out at all, so an entire area may be missed, so there is little point in me telling you, or you asking me whether we will be coming to your particular street. Hope this explains the problems that have to be overcome to bring joy to your children. Even with 21 days we cannot cover the whole of Gosport,but we will do our best. Bring the children out in the car to find us and add to the magic of the Gosportarians sleigh this Christmas.
We managed to see literally thousands of children, sung hundreds of songs and travelled around the Borough raising money for local worthy causes including the food bank and Gosport Blind Club.
Total raised on the sleigh for 2019 was £5,773.98

See our Gosportarians Santa sleigh FB page for 2019
My two Christmas CD's in aid of the homeless and Food bank are back on sale
@£3 each  (+P/P where applicable) and can be bought online or at various outlets around Gosport.
To hear a sample of the CD's: https://youtu.be/AYMGOKOSC8Y
CD prices
Malcolm's Charity CD 1
CD prices
Malcolm's Charity CD 2

Malcolm's Christmas Cheer Cd's