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Unfortunately, unless major funding comes through, there will be no
"Music Madness" Festival for 2018, but with Driftwood and Hapi now taking centre stage, perhaps not such a bad idea.

Our second annual "Music Madness" Festival was a roaring success, with over 2,000 people attending and over £4,000 gate money. Our thanks to all who made it possible, especially the bands who gave their time for free to raise money for local charities. We look forward to next year when we hope to put on a two day festival for "Music Madness" 2018

Asylum Seekers   Startled Monkeys
Big brother Soul   Forever Queen
Die Germs   Millie Jeram
Soul Flame   Free From Gravity

Big Brother Soul
Big Brother Soul will head our programme of entertainment from 12noon - 11pm

Acts for the day include:
Kids Party Mascots Character Show - The Reilly Enterprise - https://youtu.be/tyopV3pH2qQ
Asylum Seekers - https://youtu.be/MyUj3aMmk78

Startled Monkeys - https://youtu.be/OYs38QYU6pk
Glenn Ford - https://youtu.be/I2SNkYMwAis
Millie Jeram - https://youtu.be/ailUqTYepCU

Soul Flame - https://youtu.be/FmRf6H5kko0
Western Spiral arm - https://youtu.be/27I56kr9e7U
The Targets - https://youtu.be/YdsFt9R3pTs
Diegerms -
Fine Southern Gents - https://youtu.be/EWJXSQ3WwqA

Free from Gravity - https://youtu.be/mym-EJd_YNY
Forever Queen
Big brother Soul
Music Madness 2017